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WiiU Review

Although the WiiU has been out for a few months, I feel it’s still relatively timely to review an expensive gaming console, as people aren’t willing to slap $350 dollars down for a console they’re not sure about. As reviews on the WiiU first started coming in, I was intrigued. The controller seemed neat and I had my […]

My thoughts on Curiosity

Peter Molyneux, the man infamous for making extraordinary claims for his games, has recently helped develop a new free iOS game called “Curiosity”, developed by 22 Cans I’ve been playing the game quite a bit, and I have to admit: it’s actually pretty fun. It’s a nice little game to tap away at if you’re just […]

Walking Dead: Episode 4–Around Every Corner Review

The Walking Dead game has been an incredibly pleasant surprise for me. From the moment it was announced I expected it to just be another crappy tie-in game. How I was wrong. As soon as I got my hands on Episode One I knew it would be a series I would love. Telltale did a […]