The War Z Controversy

The game The War the war zZ was released some days ago on Steam and has brewed up some much-deserved controversy. What Hammerpoint Interactive did wrong was release a game that wasn’t fully finished, but sold it as one that was. They lied to everyone who bought it and basically ripped them off. Hardly anything the developer said about the game is true. They said there would be up to 100 players on a server. Only 50. They said there’d be a skill system. There is none. The list goes on.

To make things even worse this unfinished apparently isn’t even very good. There have been reports of constantly being spawned with other players and being immediately killed, and sparsely coming in contact with any zombies. TotalBiscuit  shows just how terrible this game is, if you’d like to see for yourself.

What’s even worse about this game is the micro-transaction system for a game they already bought. Players have the ability to buy an item with real-world money, and lose it in seconds due to being spawned with a player that kills them.

People who are upset about this sad state of affairs aren’t even able to voice their displeasure on the  The War Z forums, as the moderator known as Kwek has created rules that make it impossible for one to make any criticism of the game. His rules can be seen here.

I will also mention that it appears The War Z has been taken off the Steam store. You can still look at the page, but there is no button to buy. It also does not appear on the “top sellers” tab on the front page of the store. Perhaps Steam has taken some initiative and took action against these shady business practices? I’ll be sure to update this with any announcements from Steam or Hammerpoint.

UPDATE: Valve has officially announced that they took The War Z off of Steam because of it being unfinished. Good on them for taking it down. Maybe now they can look at the other horrible games they allow on their store, like Revelations 2012.


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