In an interview with Red Bull (strangely enough), Telltale has discussed some of their concepts for The Walking Dead season two. Telltale said that save files from season one will affect season two. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD For me, this statement has to mean that Clementine will be involved, which makes me happy, because she was my favorite […]

Although the WiiU has been out for a few months, I feel it’s still relatively timely to review an expensive gaming console, as people aren’t willing to slap $350 dollars down for a console they’re not sure about. As reviews on the WiiU first started coming in, I was intrigued. The controller seemed neat and I had my […]

The game The War Z was released some days ago on Steam and has brewed up some much-deserved controversy. What Hammerpoint Interactive did wrong was release a game that wasn’t fully finished, but sold it as one that was. They lied to everyone who bought it and basically ripped them off. Hardly anything the developer […]

I never was a very big fan of the Bioshock series. I heard a lot of hype and great things about it, but when I played it, I was pretty underwhelmed. The guns felt like pea shooters. The Vita-Chamber took all tension from the game; when you would die you would come back with all […]

In my retrospection articles I will be talking about videogames I’ve played in the past, and how they affected me, and the games industry in general. Today I’ll be talking about Fallout 3. I got Fallout 3 when it first came out in October of 2008. I had read some reviews and previews and it […]

Peter Molyneux, the man infamous for making extraordinary claims for his games, has recently helped develop a new free iOS game called “Curiosity”, developed by 22 Cans I’ve been playing the game quite a bit, and I have to admit: it’s actually pretty fun. It’s a nice little game to tap away at if you’re just […]

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie trailer Cinemassacre Productions released the trailer for the Angry Video Game Nerd movie today, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been enjoying James Rolfe’s videos since I first saw his early episodes of the Angry Video Game Nerd. I’m glad he has been able to fulfill a goal […]